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ICAMEK is an independent Arbitration & Mediation Center offering world class services.


To become the Arbitration Centre of choice in and around East Africa tailored to meet evolving dispute resolution needs



To be an independent Arbitration & Mediation Centre characterized by reliability, efficiency, flexibility and fairness

The International Centre for Arbitration & Mediation in Kampala (ICAMEK) is an independent NGO, dedicated to advancing Alternative Dispute Resolution in Uganda and across East Africa. ICAMEK is a private sector Led institution focused on delivering the benefits of world-class Alternative Dispute Resolution to businesses, professionals, governments and communities alike.

This Centre was championed by the Uganda Law Society and the Uganda Bankers’ Association that identified the need to compliment the current Judicial system with a fair, expeditious, efficient, and flexible Alternative Dispute Resolution mechanism to settle both domestic and international commercial disputes.

The Uganda Law Society and Uganda Bankers Association 2018 Banking & Law Workshop noted that over UGX 729.6 Billion is tied up in court cases and the continued lock in of this capital is a threat to the entire financial sector. The stakeholders at this workshop resolved to establish an independent arbitration centre as a vibrant alternative methods of dispute resolution mechanism to unlock the capital tied up in the formal justice reasons as a result of factors beyond the control of the Judiciary. Some of the identified bottlenecks in this regard include but are not limited to; lack of adequate funding, over reliance on the Executive for finance and administrative support which has inadvertently bred institutional weaknesses in the form of understaffing, and case back log.

On the 26th July 2018, the Uganda Bankers Association (“UBA”) and Uganda Law Society (“ULS”) together with other partners, registered the International Centre for Arbitration and Mediation in Kampala “ICAMEK”, as a Company Limited by Guarantee which will serve as a complimentary independent Arbitration & Mediation Center and will offer a platform for world class domestic and international arbitration and mediation services.

ICAMEK will apply its own Arbitration and Mediation Rules that may be referred to when dealing with both domestic and international Arbitration referred to the Centre. The Rules are based on international best practice including the UNCITRAL Model Law to ensure efficient, flexible and cost-effective resolution of disputes. The Centre also has a Code of Conduct for both Arbitrators and Mediators designed to serve as fundamental ethical guidelines for persons appointed to serve as either Arbitrators or Mediators.

ICAMEK Interim Board has met the Minister of Justice and Constitutional Affairs and discussed the proposed set up of ICAMEK to lay the foundation of the Minister’s appointment. By such appointment, the Centre will also have the mandate to appointment arbitrators where parties fail to agree on the arbitrator, or in the other circumstances where the appointing authority is by the provisions of ACA, required to exercise its mandate as such.